Davide contro Golia, ennesimo episodio: il caso del Virginia Tech

Il recente massacro di Blacksburg ha messo in evidenza il rapporto conflittuale esistente soprattutto negli Stati Uniti fra mass media (giornali, radio, televisioni) e personal media (blogger, citizen journalists, siti collaborativi, ecc.).

Ecco qualche materiale per ricostruire la dinamica di questo rapporto.

I blog live degli studenti

  • Paul (con messaggi del Boston Herald, di MTV, di abc news ecc.)
  • Bryce
  • Jennie

Commento di un lettore del blog di Paul
I also have mixed feelings about having read your blog. On the one hand, I enjoyed being able to cut through the media bullshit and read about the day from your perspective. I read your entry aloud to my roommates since I thought it sounded so much like what would happen at our house. On the other hand, the only thing sicker than what happened today is the way the news outlets are going about contacting VT students. Although you have a public blog, how were you to know that it would attract so much attention? I am really disheartened by their insincere sounding messages and attempts to get the authenticity that your LJ already has, just by virtue of you being an individual in a truly horrible situation.

Un altro commento su Textualdeviance
As awful as this event is, it amazes me that the students and student journalists at this school have done a better job of covering it than the mainstream media have, by not only being more on top of it, but by integrating content from multiple sources into a cohesive, continually updated story that still manages to be journalistic despite much of its amateur origins. The paper’s site has become basically a blog about the event, with news as it comes in.

La riflessione e l’autocritica del giornalista della BBC Robin Hamman su Cybersoc: virginia tech bloggers: approach and confirm or link and disclaim?

Virginia Tech student Albarghouti becomes CNN’s "I-reporter" - Il video realizzato dallo studente con un telefonino

"The count of the fatalities was a lot slower on CNN than on Digg" (articolo del Los Angeles Times)

Le entries di Digg sulla vicenda

La pagina della Wikipedia sul massacro